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Ken Turner Blog Series: Influences and Inspirations Blog Entry #3 - PEE WEE'S PLAYHOUSE

"You all remember what to do whenever anybody says the secret word right?" - Pee Wee
"Scream!" - All
 "That's right. For the rest of the day, whenever anybody says the secret word, scream real loud. Ready? Let's try it." - Pee Wee

Growing up every kid had there go to show they would watch over and over again.  For me it was Pee Wee's Playhouse.  It probably was the best to visually capture the pure imagination of a child.  It showcased the hyper, strange, wacky, happy, fun, colorful, bizarre way in which kids just want to play.  It was a hodgepodge of situations and people the were most of time very random but somehow worked together perfectly.  The show was probably summed up best by Paul Reubens himself when he said:  

 "I'm just trying to illustrate that it's okay to be different — not that it's good, not that it's bad, but that it's all right. I'm trying to tell kids to have a good time and to encourage them to be creative and to question things," Paul Reubens

Besides the human characters, puppet characters and living objects within the playhouse, it also featured characters animated in stop motion such as toys, food and a family of dinosaurs.

Even the opening of the opening intro was done in stop motion, check it out:


 "Mekka Lekka Hi-Mekka Hiney Ho." - Jambi

One of my favorite parts of the show was the PENNY cartoon.  A clay-mation short about a girl with pennies for eyes who described activities in her life.  Check out the "toast" short:

Pee Wee would always have special re-occurring guests visit him like Cowboy Curtis, Reba the Mail Lady, Captain Carl, Miss Yvonne and the King of Cartoons who would introduce the "cartoon clip of the day".

"Stories never make me sleepy." - Pee Wee
"Once upon a time..." - Miss Yvonne
[Immediately falls asleep] - Pee Wee

"You know, Pee-wee, there's a real twisted side to you." - Captain Carl
"Thank you, Carl." Pee Wee
[stares] You're welcome." - Captain Carl 

Be sure to relive some the magic that is Pee Wee's playhouse, I guarantee you it will be alot of "FUN!!"

"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Pee-wee, who had a playhouse filled with lots of friends and cool stuff. They had so much fun together that they completely lost track of the time, and they all lived happily ever after. The end." - Pee Wee telling his favorite story

Next time on the Influences and Inspirations : A master illustrator of the morbid humor


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