Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Henry: The Heart Boy" Short Film - Production Update #15

  Production on Henry is progressing quite well.  Lots of scenes are becoming more and more complete as days pass.  Its very exciting to see finished shots come together.

One of the things that is very unique to this film unlike previous films I've done is how HTHB has organically evolved over the course of production.  Usually the storyboards I draw for these films are pretty final and I stick to them to the end.  But with Henry nothing is too sacred in adapting the book to film and that has been afforded me a great deal of freedom.  That freedom may be attributed to how much time I've allotted myself on this particular film.  I believe time has really been great aid to this film and I hope that shows when you all see the film later this year.

 Along with the HTHB concept artwork above, here is a production still of a story-boarded shot.  Enjoy:

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to tell your friends.


- Ken

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