Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"Henry: The Heart Boy" Short Film - Production Update #3

So in adapting the illustrated story book to a short film,  I wanted to retain the major beats of the story, (btw I'll try not to mention or show any spoilers in these HTHB posts)...but while expanding certain parts to make the story a bit fuller and richer.  
I tried to have as many gags in there as they are places to be scared, or grossed out or  cry.  Early 2012 is when I finished a first pass at the story reel.  It went through many revisions and changes but luckily the blueprint was all there in the book so it made it a bit easier.  It was definitely a major benefit in making this film.  
In late 2012, I continued on the story reel after a brief hiatus to make the web-series Snowboy & Crow,  It was a good to have that kind of break as I was able to see it with fresh eyes.  
I feel like the making of a story reel should be a very organic process and still allowing oneself to make big or small changes throughout production is very important.  
By October 2012, Henry went into full production and is on schedule to be released in 2013.
Seen above and below are concept art pieces for the book and film.
In the next post I'll share a couple pages from the book.

From now until Dec 31, 2012 you can show your support for the HTHB film and get your name in the credits of the NEW animated short film "Henry: The Heart Boy" when you buy one "Henry: The Heart Boy" ILLUSTRATED STORY BOOK!
LINK to the purchase page for the HTHB book via the KEN TURNER art store:

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to tell your friends.
- Ken

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