Sunday, July 16, 2017

Read for Good Bookcase Illustrations

I recently finished some illustration work, that I'm really proud to share, which was a project for Read for Good via my UK agent Beehive Illustration.  Read for Good is a UK national charity with the mission to get children reading for fun.

A little more on who they are:

"Reading for pleasure is one of the best pathways out of poverty; those who read for fun as
a child are more likely to be successful in life, academically, socially and emotionally. But
reading for pleasure has a lot of competition in today’s world! Our aim is to provide kids
with the purpose to read, combined with complete freedom to choose what and how they
read, enabling them to discover their own pleasure in reading."

"In 30 UK hospitals, we provide a unique service which enables
children in an infection-controlled environment to choose a book
to borrow or take home from our specially designed mobile
bookcase that can move right up to a child’s bedside. Every six
weeks we refill it with the very best, brand new books for children
and young adults, and we send in a marvellous storyteller to
entertain and delight children and their exhausted families."

My illustration work now appears on the mobile hospital bookcase.

Here are links to see it in action:

Here are pics for my illustration work on the project:

Special Thanks to

Beehive Illustration's Ellie & Read for Good's Heidi and Justine



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