Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ken Turner - Alternative Art Poster #35: "SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN SAMURAI"

Here is my DHX Fractured Fairy-tale art piece entitled:
"Snow White & The Seven Samurai"
This past Tuesday the latest gallery opened up at DHX Halifax studio.  Fractured Fairy-tales are where you mix a fairy-tale with a movie.
Here are the details on my piece - 
Title: Snow White & The Seven Samurai
Artist: Ken Turner
Medium: Digital
Department: 2D Design and Animation

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" meets "Seven Samurai" in the style of "Samurai Jack"

A village named "Happily Ever After" is under attack from a jealous queen.  Snow White, the
fiercest one of all, is sent into the woods to employ seven samurai dwarfs to help her defend it.
 CLICK on images for close-ups: 

Here are pics from the DHX gallery: 





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