Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Henry: The Heart Boy" Short Film - Production Update #11


Along withe above concept art, here is an production still.  Enjoy:

Mark your calenders as on Feb 14, 2013, the official "Henry: The Heart Boy Indiegogo Film Campaign" will launch.   Lots of great perks will be available to those you pledge towards the film.  More details soon.

Continuing with introductions for the team behind the new Henry: The Heart Boy film...


 Diego Sierra graduated from the BAA Animation program at Sheridan College in 2007. He loves to come up with ideas, characters and stories for all audiences.

He has worked as an animator and designer for studios and shows such as:  Pipeline Studios (Grossology, Scardey Squirrel and Detentionaire), Cuppa Coffee (Ugly Americans), Big Soul, Oasis (Lucky Fred) and 9 Story (Wild Kratts).

LINKS to his work:


Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to tell your friends.


- Ken

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