Monday, June 18, 2012

Strange Kids Club Interview

There is a feature up on the site"Strange Kids Club".

For those unfamiliar with the site:

"Strange Kids Club is a daily dose of adolescent enthusiasm for your inner child. An online hub for assorted strange, geeky and otherwise nostalgic content; SKC features articles on video games, comics, unbelievably cool toys, exclusive interviews and movie reviews."
Rondal Scott III of "SKC" conducted the interview with me, which features info on my childhood, going to animation school and some of my current and future projects.


"Imagine – if you will – a world filled with misunderstood monstrosities and outlandish outcasts. a world where vampires falling out of the sky are as often an occurrence as ufos and the decay of Winter is as delightfully magical as the renewal of Spring. This is the world of animator and director Ken Turner.  Turner, a huge Tim Burton fan, has been in the animation industry for over 5 years and worked for some of the biggest names including Cuppa Coffee, CORE Toons, Jib Jab and Nelvana (to name a few). Recently, however, Turner has kickstarted his first web series starring the child-like duo of Snowboy (an adolescent snowman) and Crow (uh… he’s a crow). Embarking on an ambitious 6-episode stint, Turner hopes that Snowboy and Crow will catch on with fans of Burton’s equally odd menagerie of misfits, albeit with his own twist and sense of macabre humor."

Here's the link:


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