Monday, June 04, 2012

FilmAnnex Newsletter - "Snowboy & Crow"

Today FilmAnnex posted their newsletter which has a little feature about "The World of Snowboy & Crow": 

"Now back to this week's content. Our featured filmmaker is the newcomer Ken Turner, who has an impressive resume with several awarded animated short films. When he's not working for animation studios, he publishes humor books and pays homage to his favorite film director Tim Burton by creating short films. He came to us with The World of Snowboy and Crow, a mini comic turned animated web series about the misadventures of a boy made out of snow and his crow friend. You will definitely see Burton's influence on the characters and enjoy the first episode of the series. While you wait to see what's next, take a look at Turner's blog posts with great posters and pages from the initial comic."

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